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What Is Happening To Our Climate, How You Can Make A Difference

Here at Solar Panel System Facts we are keen to spread the word about the cost-effectiveness, simplicity of use and positive environmental effect of switching from fossil fuel energy to power our homes and offices to the infinitely more sustainable option of solar power.

Photovoltaic Solar Panel technology harnesses the free and constant energy of the sun and converts it into electricity for our use. There are no harmful emissions, unlike the burning of fossil fuels which sends tonnes of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere every year causing the greenhouse effect.

Whereas up until very recently the majority of the first world has poured most of its research and development funding into nuclear power, with the increased awareness of the seriousness and imminence of the dangers we face has come a renewed interest in perfecting the alternative energy technologies we have already developed, such as photovoltaic solar panel technology and wind power.

This is vital in the long term as nuclear energy will eventually just lead to similar problems as those caused by fossil fuels. Renewable energy sources are the only answer in order to ensure the future of this planet isn’t a story of air pollution and overheating. Contact us today to learn more about what is happening to our climate.

Climate Change and the Affects on Your Property

The impact on the UK climate is already evident and scientists predict extreme weather effects from hotter, drier summers to increased gales, floods and much colder winters.

At the same time, supplies of traditional energy fuels such as oil and gas are rapidly depleting and becoming more expensive. Increasingly, the UK is becoming dependent on other, often less stable, countries for our energy sources. The UK now imports more gas than it produces - a significant milestone also hit for oil supplies by 2010.
By 2020, the UK will import 80% of all the gas it consumes. Nuclear power, whilst it is accepted that it could play a part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, also requires an imported fuel and presents its own additional issues, primarily those of cost and long term waste disposal.

How Does This Affect You?

With heat and energy bills on the rise, you want to make sure that the systems that you have in your home not only function correctly, but that they are also efficient in terms of heat and energy generation as well as cost.
Many homeowners are looking and alternative energy resources although this may not be for everyone, you will still need some form of system whether that be the boiler you currently use or a new alternative system. To make sure that your boiler is working efficiently, contact a trusted boiler repair company in London and prevent any future breakdowns in your home.


Welcome to Solar Panel System Facts. The aim of this website is to ensure that you can find everything you need to know to both convince you and prepare you to begin making the switch from reliance upon fossil fuel burning to the clean, renewable energy source that is solar power.

From how it works, to installations, to costs, to the broader context of the battle against global warming, we hope you will be able to find everything you need to know within these pages. And if you cannot, if you still have any questions about solar panel systems or how we can work together to fight global warming, feel free to get in touch with the team. We are always happy to discuss solar technology and the wider issue of climate change with you.

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